The storylady brings
imagination to life

you're invited to the world of imagination


Catherine Kentridge - The Storylady

Where myth and magic prevail and fun happens. For parties and events and camps/schools and churches and kids of all ages—bring life alive with performance, song, interactive learning, education and play.

But where is it, exactly?
Anywhere in the GTA, from Toronto to beyond.

Where's beyond?
The StoryLady will travel to tell tall tales anywhere—to bring fun and good times to your camp, your school, your church, synogogue, gathering place, or your home—from Newmarket to Whitby, Mississauga
(and beyond!).



How long does the journey to IMAGINATION take?
About an hour, but you can also book The StoryLady for longer or for half and full-days. Perfect for kids, adults, camps and discovery activities, where fun and imagination help to open doors to a new world of skills and knowledge.


Long before Harry Potter, there were tales of myth and magic, heroes and history, real and fictional (plus fairies, princesses, wizards, dragons, and monsters...). Catherine tells tales in a unique interactive, performance-based way that connects and sparks the imagination — and helps tell history and life lessons—or simply for fun.

  • tales from far and near
  • old and new
  • to entertain and delight
  • captivate and teach


  • For about an hour (or as long as you like), The StoryLady will make your event the one they remember.
  • At birthday and everyday parties, even family parties.
  • Summer camps, classrooms, churches, nursery schools
  • Seniors’ residences, libraries
  • Brownie, Scout, and other community groups.
And ask about Learning Curve and Play Therapy—for special groups, individuals, or just for fun!


Because memories are made of...
Stories fire up the imagination to help celebrations and inspire play (and learning!) for kids and grownups. The StoryLady brings you an experience to treasure as you interact with folktales and fairytales from around the world. The StoryLady makes it real and memorable—a few leaps and bounds ahead of digital play and learning.

Who is The StoryLady and how soon can I book her?

The StoryLady is Catherine Kentridge, a popular storyteller and performer who has been seen in England. South Africa, and Canada in choirs, operas, plays, and festivals. Catherine has an English Lit degree from Oxford, studied law, and works in publishing for newspapers and magazines and has a unique way to tell tales that captivate and enlighten audiences of all ages.

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